Tigers draw first blood

Ah, the playoffs. It’s all about momentum. In this ALCS, the Tigers grabbed the first dose of it. Third inning, two outs, Barry Zito is cruising. And then he served up a home run to No. 9 hitter Brandon Inge just inside the fair pole. 1-0 Tigers.

Zito doesn’t stop the bleeding. Instead, he goes on to a 38-pitch inning. Curtis Granderson kept the pressure on with a double and Zito seemed a tad unnerved in walking Placido Polanco and Sean Casey. Mags (that’s street lingo for Magglio) reaches on an infield hit, a diving stop by Chavez — a play the Gold Glover usually makes.

The A’s tried to counter with a run of their own, string together a walk and a hit with one out in the bottom of the inning. But Guillen started a beautiful 6-4-3 double play. A pumped up Robertson pumps his first and stomps off the mound.

The first third of the game has gone to the Tigers. And then Pudge announces his return to LCS play by drilling a solo shot to right-center in the fourth. Let’s see what the A’s can do here. Zito is gone by the end of the fourth inning, down 5-nill. This is clearly not good for the home team.


  1. pacino120@cox.net

    I’m not a Tigers fan, I am a Yankees fan, yes I am, but all and all I am a baseball fan. The Tigers hands down are the best team in the American League, they proved it all season long. I knew going into the playoffs, I wanted to face Minnesota not Detroit in a five game series. The Tigers have had great pitching, and they gel, kinda reminds me of the 96′ Yankees, not alot superstars, not alot of big names, just nine guys playing together getting the timely hits, making the big pitch when it counts and making the plays defensively. That is why the Tigers will win the World Series, I said it all along, I said it game 1 of the ALDS against my Yankees, I said it back in May. Oakland just does not have the fire power, and I’m sorry no disrepect to the National League, but there isn’t a NL team that can compete with the American League, and will not compete with the Tigers.
    Mets and Tigers in the World Series, Tigers will win this in five games

  2. rlpressley@adelphia.net

    Hey Pacino, I’m a Tigers fan who thinks your comparison to the 1996 Yankees is a real compliment. I liked that team a lot. And I agree with you about the NL vs AL.

    BTW, loved your work in “Dog Day Afternoon.” πŸ™‚

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