New ballgame

The first thing the A’s needed to do today — in this day of survival — was take a lead. They did that, by three runs no less.

But the Tigers have just put together their inevitable counterpunch, coming back with two runs in the fifth and a game-tying homer by Magglio Ordonez in the sixth. The crowd here is going crazy. It’s electric.

Can Oakland regain the momentum?

Oakland badly needs Frank Thomas or Nick Swisher to put one out of the yard. They’ve combined for one hit in the series.

Haren was impressive over the first four innings but looked fatigued by the fifth. The third time around the order can haunt a lot of pitchers and it did this time for Haren.

Now it’s up to the Oakland bullpen to stave off the Tigers. This city of Detroit wants to have a party, I can tell you that.



    And we are partying!!!!!! These Tigers are an UNBELIEVABLE team!!! I just got back from game 4 and my voice is gone my arms hurt and I can’t stop grinnin. My Dad, Brother and I are like 3 little kids on christmas day! I can’t wait til next weekend! This is tooo much. GOOOOOOO TIGERS!!!!!

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