Down to their last out

Casey_rogersCan the Tigers be stopped? Not the way they are pitching now. From their starters to the bullpen, these guys have some serious swagger going.

We all remember the 2004 Red Sox coming back from 0-3, but I’m just not seeing it this time. The Red Sox honestly thought they were a better team than the Yankees that year and didn’t think they should have ever been down in the first place.

The Red Sox had Derek Lowe, Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling lined up for Games 4-5-6. Dan Haren, Barry Zito and Esteban Loaiza isn’t quite the same thing.

More troublesome to me than the mathematical improbability is some of the things I heard from the A’s clubhouse today.

"We’re running into a better team. They’re
knocking down everyone in their path." — Eric Chavez.

I like Chavez. He’s an honest guy. But that might have been a little too honest.

Swisher and Thomas are a combined 0-fer in the series. That’s not what the A’s need from their two sluggers.

Can this be a competitive series still? I don’t know. I’d be surprised. But then again, it’s baseball.




    Ian how are you enjoying Mo-town? Have been able to see or meet any of the past tigers greats? Jason Beck said he met with Bud and he was talking about changes to the playoff structure. What is your take? Any word on Zumaya or Casey?

  2. ALCS

    I’m enjoying Motown very much. This was the city I was born in, though I did not live here very long. i still have some relatives over here that i’m extremely tight with. Anyway, I think that there should be some changes made to the system. Division champs should be rewarded for winning their division, and right now they have no real advantage over the wild card team. I’m thinking with the 3-0 lead, perhaps they’ll rest zumaya another day. as for casey, hopefully he’ll show progress in the week before the World Series starts.


    what is with MILTON BRADLEY he doesnt appear to be able to run very well.i know he injured something but what?

  4. ALCS

    He has all winter to rest. Right now, he’s the best bat the A’s have. If you’re not going to play through pain today, when will you?


    okay i guess that is true.his bat does mean alot to oakland’s lineup as his first atbat showed.

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