Back from the outfield

I spent the first two innings out in the right field auxilary box, just so I could give all of you a first-hand account of the weather.

It’s not as bad as I thought it was, but, hey, I’m a skiier from Boston. The worst was when you’d get bursts of wind, then you could feel the cold freeze go through your head.

If the crowd doesn’t sound loud on TV, it’s because clapping gloves don’t make a lot of noise.

As for the game itself, Macha’s decision to start Harden over Haren obviously isn’t looking good. But you can’t blame the guy for taking the gamble. Harden obviously has more electric stuff, but he started just nine games all year and hans’t looked ready for postseason baseball in the early innings.

The Tigers? They still look invincible. It’s amazing what one narrow victory over the Yankees in Game 2 of the ALDS did for their confidence. It’s going to take something significant to stop their momentum.

More later,


One comment


    Ian–I’m thinking if Harden gets through the 4th he is going to be real tough to hit.
    Tigers have let him off the hook too easy so far.

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