ScutaroWe’re not in Oakland anymore; I’ll tell you that. That beautiful Northern California sun and mild air is gone, replaced by the gloomy skies and cold temperatures of the Motor City.

My weather spies tell me we could get some flurries during today’s game. That would make a nice post-card.

A’s manager Ken Macha says that the adrenaline will be flowing, so the boys on both sides should be able to get through the frigid weather. At least Macha doesn’t have to have that shooting pain go through his entire body after he hits a ball off the end of the bat! But he’s been there before, back when he played with the Blue Jays at old Exhibition Stadium, not to mention some of his minor league experiences.

I’m interested to see how Oakland responds today. This is obviously the most pressure-packed game they’ve played in all year. Will Macha’s decision to pitch Harden — who has been on the shelf for most of the year — over Haren backfire? They are looking for five shutout innings from hard-throwing Rich, and some shutdown work from the bullpen after that.

Speaking of hard throwers, the Zumaya injury — he’ll at least be shut down for today’s game — could loom large in the context of this series. In my mind, Zumaya is as valuable as anyone on the entire Detroit team. At least the radar gun will get a nice respite today.

More later, keep the comments flowing.




    Zumaya is important. But the Tigers do know how to win without him. I would much prefer to have him available but if Rodney and Walker are throwing well it is not absolutely disasterous.


    I agree Zumaya is a hit but Rodney is capible of shutting anyone down. Ian let us know how fan turn out is early in the game. I am curious on how the game time will affect the fans.


    Lots of empty seats–what a shame.

    I like the way Rogers went after Thomas. He won’t be digging in next time–I know he didn’t want to hit him but he got the message across.


    I think we should petition to analyze Kenny Rogers’ hat. Why is he allowed to wear a different hat?

    The underside of his hat brim is a dark color instead of the standard white/gray of major league hats.

    The only reason I can see for a hat with those characteristics is to hide the substance on the underside of the brim and more importantly Kenny’s fingers.

    Like the great Lou Piniella mentioned during the tv broadcast, some pitchers would do/use anything for their fingers in cold weather (ex. pine tar).

    (posted by an obvious, biased fan)


    haha, this guys stretchin it… must be Kenny Rogers hat. Or maybe the whole Tigers team hooked up with BALCO? or wait, maybe its a conspiracy by MLB, or the Government! Get out of here with that, and realize you are getting swept by the best team in baseball, Joke-land

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